About me

Hi. My name is Helena. I’m an adhd-labeled woman, living in The Netherlands. Most of the time things bore me within a couple of weeks/months, which means I’m always searching for boundaries. Most of the time to break them.

I challenged myself to make a daily image of whatever rushes into my mind before it’s out again, starting on January 1, 2019 (well, to be honest, I’ll start on Decembr 31, 2018, because that’s the first day in Week 1). Whatever, no themes, no special subjects and most of the time bull shitty things. Off course in lots of styles -whatever that may be- and with different materials like charcoal, pen, ink, paper collage, photographs, lino etc. (because they also bore me very easily).

At the end of this 365-race I hope to have found my own style. Although I doubt it.