Safe Zone

During my Illustrator learning proces, I made this poster to hang in schools, classrooms, churches,  or where ever you want to have them. Safe Zones are places were everyone (like [ … ] 0


These are 5 out of a series of 8 photo’s about privacy, about 24/7 surveillance, about bullshit, about false safety. The photo’s were shown in an exhibition in The Netherlands [ … ] 0

Intersectional Veganism

New on Facebook! SHAMING INTERSECTIONAL VEGANS! Why? Probably because they think an intersectional veganist is not a good or real vegan? Or maybe because the intersectional vegan doesn’t spent all of [ … ] 0

Hunt sabotages

Since june 2018, I am one of the hunt saboteurs of Animal Rights Netherlands. Animal Rights is a 100% animal rights organization. We think that …….. etcetera 0

Why honey isn’t vegan

‘Eet je geen honing? Maar voor honing worden toch geen dieren gedood?’ Een vraag die elke veganist wel eens krijgt. Toch is die aanname niet helemaal waar! Er vallen wel [ … ] 0

Humane meat is a fucking lie!

Been busy with Illustrator. I’m a newbie with this software, but I’m sure I will learn soon.The pig is my second design. I think the message is loud and clear. [ … ] 0

Winter Depression

One of the first succesful pictures I made, is this one of an old tree in The Netherlands. I know I used a red filter and did some after editing [ … ] 1